About Us

A Bit About Us

Horsham Primary School, situated in the North Eastern area of Horsham City, is a dual Campus P-6 Primary School with a combined enrolment of approximately 440 students, providing education for students from both Horsham City and the surrounding rural areas.

Facilities at each of the campuses include a number of open-plan classrooms, individual classrooms and flexible learning areas, a gymnasium, Library and music room. Additional specialist learning spaces include Science & Technology at the 298 Campus, and Art at Rasmussen Campus.

The school offers a comprehensive curriculum focusing on Literacy and Numeracy acquisition and an excellent range of specialist programs including Physical Education, Music, Art (Rasmussen Campus), Science/Technology (298 Campus), and Language (Auslan) Prep – Year 2, at both Campuses

The school also provides additional support to students through the Math’s Intervention Program, Levelled Literacy Program, Balls and Ladders, Speech Therapy Assistant Program and Language Support Programs. Both Campuses incorporate ICT in the curriculum with electronic whiteboards, iPads and computer access in classrooms, the ‘one to one’ Netbook/iPad program in Years 4, 5 & 6 and on-site video conferencing facilities.

Our Leaders

Luke Fisher

Acting Assistant Principal

298 Campus

Chris Walter


Kerrie Nolan

Acting Assistant Principal

Rasmussen Campus