Communication with Parents

Horsham Primary School, School Council is the "governing" body of the school. School Council is made up of Parent Representatives, Teacher Representatives and Co-opted Community Members. School Council meets on the third Tuesday of the month. Two meetings are held per term with a total of 8 meetings required for the year. Elections are held annually.

The School Council has the following sub-committees; Finance, Buildings and Grounds and Policy.

School Council members are elected for 2 years and elections are held in March to fill vacancies. Parents are advised of the election via the School’s Newsletter.


Parents can access the School's XUNO Parent Portal which has a wide range of helpful information in regards to their child's progress, live attendance, download reports, communicate with Teachers, book Parent Teacher Interviews, update contact information and more through the following link

Parents will receive a 'Welcome Email' soon after enrolling a child at Horsham Primary School which will give you information on how to get started. If you forget your password you can reset it by visiting the portal and clicking on the forgotten my password link. If you have difficulties using XUNO, please call the school office to arrange a time to meet with our IT Team.

There is also a XUNO App. It is available and ready for all families to download. Simply go to your App Store and search for XUNO Family. The app is free and has a lot of terrific features.

When the app has been downloaded, simply logon with your XUNO username and password. Don't forget to enable push notifications so you will receive any alerts that are appropriate to your child. From school we will be able to send reminders, post newsletters, enter dates for events, and send out notes for camps and excursions.

The app is very simple to use and will be something that changes the way we communicate with our school community. This is just one part of our online initiatives which intend to enhance the communication between the school and families.

Reporting to Parents

Written Reports

Teachers report student progress against the Victorian Curriculum. Parents are provided with a report of their child’s progress in June and December.

Individual Learning Plans

These plans provide an outline of learning goals and strategies for all students and form the basis of discussions for TSP’s.

Teacher/Student/Parent (TSP) discussions

Teacher/ Student/Parent discussions are held during Term 1, 2 and 3. Times are allocated during the day and it is expected that students will attend with their parents to celebrate the progress they have made and set new goals for future learning.

Program Support Group meetings

These meetings are held each term for those students who are in receipt of DET funding as part of the Program for Students with Disabilities.


Newsletters are compiled very Thursday and are available via the XUNO App (See above for further detail), School Website or by personal email. Hard copies are also available by request to collect at the school offices. If you do wish to receive the newsletter by email, please notify the school offices to arrange this.

Facebook Page

As well as our phone app we have a Facebook page. The page has been set up as read only, which means people will be able to ‘Like’ different posts. However, people will be able to send direct messages to the school and are welcome to do so. Messages will be recognised and replied to (if required) in a timely manner. Anyone who ‘Likes’ our page can expect to see regular posts made, informing people of many of the events and activities which have been occurring. We are committed to providing our school community with as much information as we possibly can, so please ‘Like’ our page.

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to be involved in their children’s education and support the school through:

  • Parent Groups
  • Classroom Assistance
  • Special Events
  • Take Home Reading
  • Teacher/Parent/Student Discussions (TSP)

Take Home Reading Program

Literacy is a primary focus at Horsham Primary School. We need as many helpers as possible at all grade levels to run the ‘Take Home’ Reading program successfully. If you can volunteer 20 minutes of your time to hear students read first thing in the morning or if you have any family, friends or community members who would be willing to assist, we would love your help. More information on how you can help us with this valuable program will be sent home at the beginning of the school year.

If you would like to be involved in your child's classroom on a regular basis, there are various programs in which we welcome help - Reading, Story Writing, School Sports etc.

Each year, parents are occasionally sought via the school Newsletter or Skoolbag App for assistance with special school events such as School Sports, Father’s Day Footy Day and Swimming helpers.

General help with things such as art activities and computers could also be areas of participation. If you have particular skills that could enrich classroom programs or any programs throughout the school, and you would like to be involved, let us know. Your help is of benefit to the teachers and students. The benefit to you is that you get to know the teachers, other parents and your child's friends and gain an understanding of how the school runs.

Feedback, Concerns & Complaints

Our school welcomes feedback and encourages parents to raise issues so that they can be dealt with appropriately and resolved satisfactorily. Parents/carers are asked to behave in a manner that ensures that students, staff, parents and visitors are treated with dignity and respect. Further information about procedures for dealing with concerns and complaints can be found on DET Website.

Parent Groups

Parents are invited to take part in the school’s parent groups which report to School Council.

Regular meetings are held throughout the year, with additional meetings when the need arises. All parents/guardians are welcome to attend either the Rasmussen Parent Fundraising Group or the 298 Campus Parents and Friends Group. Dates and times of meetings will be publicized in the school’s Newletter.

Funds raised are utilised for the benefit of all of our children by purchasing student resources such as: Playground Equipment; Sports Uniforms; Library Books; and provision of an annual Year 6 scholarship.