School Uniform

School Uniform is compulsory for all students at Horsham Primary School.

Students are expected to wear uniform at all times. They are encouraged to wear the uniform with pride and be aware the way in which they dress will determine the public image of Horsham Primary School.

School hats are the only uniform item available from the school offices. All other items can be purchase from LOWES (Horsham Plaza). The benefits from this will be that you will be able to purchase items during their trading hours.


Girls & Boys

School Polo

Navy Pants

School Windcheater

School Bomber Jacket

School Rugby Top

Shoes (Lace up or Velcro, Buckle or T-bar)


Girls & Boys

School Polo

Navy Shorts (no white stripes/logo)

Shoes (Lace up, Velcro, Buckle or T-bar)

School Bomber Jacket

School Rugby Top

Shoes (Lace up or Velcro, Buckle or T-bar)


School Dress-Navy/white check

Navy Culottes

  1. A range of second-hand items will be made available for purchase at a reasonable cost from the school offices.
  2. Students participating in day excursions must wear full school uniform.
  3. Students not wearing full school uniform to school must bring an explanatory note.
  4. When an explanatory note is not provided, the following procedure will be followed.
    1. Letter to parent/guardian and a copy of the School Uniform Policy and price list sent home.
    2. Phone call/interview with parent/guardian if child I still out of uniform.

The Principal may use his/her discretion after discussion with parents/guardian to determine the appropriate follow up action if a child remains out of uniform.

Year 6

  • Students in Year 6 will be supplied with a ‘Year 6 Polo Top’
    • Grey Shorts & Pants are permitted by year 6 only (College Uniform)
  • For safety reasons students are not permitted to wear jewellery at school, with the exception of a watch and earrings. Students are permitted to wear no more than one plain stud or sleeper earring in each ear lobe. No stretchers, plugs, tunnels or saddles permitted.


Students are encouraged to wear appropriate footwear (eg. runners) on the day they are timetabled for Physical Education.


Navy Bucket Hat with Red trim

Horsham Primary School is a SunSmart School and hats MUST be worn outside at all times between September – April. Children

Further details refer to Uniform Policy on the School’s website and the Skoolbag App.

Sun Protection

The hat must either be school’s navy bucket hat or legionnaire hat. These are available from the office. Year 6 students may wear a bucket hat of any colour. Please make sure hats are well named. Children may also bring sunscreen to apply themselves, but this also needs to be named. We are a SunSmart school and sunscreen is available in the classrooms.