Integration Programs

Provision for Individual Student Learning

In acknowledging the wide range of student ability and needs, Horsham Primary School provides the following Intervention Programs:

Math’s Intervention Program (MIP)

Math’s Intervention Program is a numeracy intervention program which encourages students to remember basic number facts and aims for quick and accurate responses in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students have 3 half hour sessions per week from trained Math’s Intervention Program instructors. Students are on the program for 20 weeks.

Student Speech Therapy Assisted Program (STAP)

STAP is a Student Speech Therapy Assisted Program. It is a program that supports students with speech difficulties. Programs are developed around the individual student needs.

Students attend 2 - 3 fifteen minute sessions per week, practising clarity of sounds.

Levelled Literacy Intervention Program

Levelled Literacy Intervention Program (LLIP) is a small group intervention program devised by Fountas and Pinnell. Children selected for the program participate in daily half hour sessions that include reading, phonics/word work and writing about reading.

Levelled Literacy Intervention is designed to be used with small groups of children who need intensive support to reach grade level competencies.

Support Programs

‘Buddy’ Program

At the beginning of the year each Prep is teamed with a student from the senior school (usually Year 5) who becomes a special ‘big friend’, caring for them in the school yard, assisting with daily routines and alerting the classroom teacher to any issues.

A variety of combined activities take place between the Preps and the senior students each year to further develop these relationships.

Program for Students and Disabilities

The Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) is a targeted additional program for a defined student population with moderate to severe learning difficulties. The PSD program supports the education of students with disabilities at Horsham Primary School by providing supplementary resources. Resources are provided to the school, not to individual students, to support the provision of school based educational programs for eligible students with disabilities.

Support Programs

Counselling Services

The DET provides counsellors to assist students with social, emotional or behavioural issues that are affecting their schooling. Parent consent is required for students to participate in this service.

Speech Therapy

The DET provides a Speech Therapy service to students who have been identified with a receptive or expressive language disorder. The type of service provided is determined by the needs of the student. Parent consent is required for students to participate in this service.

A Speech Therapy Assistant based at each Campus also provides 1-1 and group sessions to students who have been identified as requiring support. These Programs for students are developed under the guidance of DE&T Speech Therapists.

Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator

The Health and Wellbeing of the Horsham Primary School students has always been an integral component of the “Whole school, Whole student” approach to their learning achievements, and their personal development as proud and positive school and community members.

The role of the Wellbeing Co-Coordinator is to:-

The position aims to engage individual students, their families, carers and or guardians in the development of their child/children through communication, participation and collaboration.

The Wellbeing Co-ordinator offers individual and or group support on a priority basis across both campuses, engages community partnerships, monitors absenteeism and offers additional support to families and students at Horsham Primary School.


Many children lack significant one-to-one relationships with adults that connect in a positive and purposeful manner, other than their parents. Horsham Primary School has established the following mentoring programs across the two campuses:

Mates Mentoring

Horsham Primary School provides students the opportunity to participate in the MATES Mentoring Program. The program provides positive role models who mentor, assist, target, engage and enhance the skills and life experiences of young people. Horsham Primary School MATES Co-ordinator matches students with a volunteer (Mentor) from the local community. Mentors and mentees catch up for one hour, once a fortnight for one year.

Mates commit to 1 hour a fortnight and take an interest in the students well being and development by doing lots of fun activities on school premise.